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Bus Structure:
Main Buses:  One 5.1 Program, One Stereo Program. 
Submasters:  4 Stereo.
Mix-Minus:  8 Mono with automatic Confidence feed switching.
Auxiliary Sends:  2 Stereo; (direct rotary control from fader channel)
Bus Minus:  Direct mix-minus feed from every input fader channel

Outputs:  Outputs from all buses and bus-minus are configured within the Bridge router matrix and can be analog, and/or digital, or not fitted.
Monitor Feeds:  One 5.1 (Audio Booth), Two Stereo Studio feeds, One Stereo Headphone feed.

The following are the signal proccessing functions provided with all input fader channels:
Phase Reverse
Surround Pan / Balance Control and Blend
Stereo Mode Control
4-Band, Parametric Equalizer with Variable High & Low Pass Filter.
Expander / Compressor / Limiter / Gate
Variable Delay on all faders and mix outputs

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