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Wheatstone Radio Consoles

Networkable Control Surfaces

A digital control surface requires an external Input/ Output frame which is configured by the end user with logic, analog and or digital I/O cards.

A digital control surface does not contain audio but communicates with its assigned DSP mix card located in the associated I/O frame. All mixing and functions are created within the audio I/O frame. The I/O frames can be configured to operate stand-alone or multiple frames can be ¡¡?¨Žnetworked¡¨ through Wheatstone¡¦s Wheatnet, Bridge or Evolution Series audio switches.

Wheatstone TV Consoles

Networkable TV Control Surfaces

Wheatstone offers a complete range of digital audio consoles for live on-air television production. All models are router-based with one or more control surfaces integrated to one or more I/O router frames.  Inherent in the design is full networking of multiple control surfaces for both independent and tandem operation in multi-room facilities, as well as complete upward scalability, making for the most future-proof system in the industry.

All systems can handle a mix of both analog and digital input sources and output destinations.  All systems support 5.1 surround sources on a single input fader.  Additionally, all systems can optionally bridge to house router systems and can be controlled by external automation such as Ross Overdrive, Sony, and Grass Valley Ignite.