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Violet - VIN27 Mic Capsule
Cardioid, natural sounding, large diaphragm capsule head.
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Violet PSM
Shockmount for Pearl and Finger Microphones
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Violet VSMD-BK
Shockmount for Black Knight Microphones
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Wheatstone D-5.2 Television Console

The D-5.2 is the ultimate in large market live televison production where comprehensive IFB capability is an absolute must. 

With 18 dedicated mix-minus buses with confidence feeds plus direct mix-minus (Bus Minus) feeds from every input channel, you will have the tools you need whether for election night or the largest sporting events. 

Systems can be configured from 12 to 128 input faders. 

Dedicated controls for the most critical functions give operators that added confidence during fast breaking news and sporting events.

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Wheatstone D-8000 Stand Alone Console
WHEATSTONE¡¦S fourth generation digital console has what you need: dual domain input modules that accept both analog and digital sources; built in I/O integration with 8 character displays: a choice of features like auxiliary sends, equalization, dynamics control and event memory/recall¡Xall without the aid of an external computer.

The D-8000 is an all-modular design with no active components mounted inside.

And best of all, it uses Wheatstone¡¦s exclusive VDIP® setup software, letting you easily configure individual console modules,logic modes and automatic functions.
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Wheatstone Generation 5 Control Surface
The GENERATION 5 provides a straightforward operational surface with the benefits of digital technology and the graphics of digital display. 

This digital control surface includes all the features of the Generation 4 but now adds: LCD Meter Bridge displays, 100 surface event presets, 12 programmable buttons and built in system X-Y controller.

The G-5 is available in 4, 8 ,12, 16, 20, 24 or 28 fader configurations.  The Generation 5 makes a great on air control surface especially for talk formats.
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