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Violet - Flamingo - Standard
"The Flamingo Standard" uses a side-address, dual-diaphragm electrostatic transducer tuned to provide a classical wide-spectrum vintage tube-microphone sound with extended top end.
Our Price: US$5,359.00

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Violet - Flamingo - Vintage
"The Flamingo Vintage" is tuned to provide a sweet, warm vocal sound with high-frequency roll-off as associated with the most famous vintage tube microphones.
Our Price: US$5,359.00

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Violet VPF-FL
Large Pop Filter for Flamingo Microphones
Our Price: Call for price

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Wheatstone D-10 Television Console
The D-10 has ALL the controls needed right WHERE they¡¦re needed, complete with well-lit switches and encoder lightpipes for fast visual confirmation ¡X no complicated layering or function sharing to surprise your operators.

It¡¦s all instantly there: fader, primary bus assigns, bus-minus control, aux sends and channel gain.  Only secondary functions (like equalization and dynamics) are centralized. 

The D-10 has a well thought-out talkback system, eight subgroup mixes , as well as four DCMs (digitally controlled master/mute groups). 

Plus eight mix-minus buses with a full confidence feed system.  Subgroups, DCMs and Masters all have dedicated faders, so these functions are one step and error-free (no assignable faders utilized).
Our Price: Call for price

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Wheatstone D-8 Television Console
Wheatstone features and performance for the mid- and small market facility ¡Xthe television console you always wanted but didn't think you could afford.

Fully featured, the D-8 incorporates an incredibly intuitive touchscreen for metering and for lesser used and set-and-forget controls.  Up to 32 channels of mix-minus / N-1 outputs, surround panning, and per-channel delay are just a few of the requisite functions rarely found in consoles at this price.

Utilizing the same Wheatstone Bridge audio networking technology as the D-5.2, D-16, and D-10, the D-8 can be configured with any combination of analog and digital inputs.  Those inputs can be mono mic or line, stereo, or 5.1.  5.1 and stereo output buses allow you to feed both your HD and SD program streams with no fuss.
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Wheatstone Evolution 6 Control Surface
The Evolution 6 embodies the feature set of our flagship GENERATION 9.  In addition to standard features such as, 4 stereo mix buses, 4 Mix / Minus busses, 4 AUX busses and 8 character fader displays, the Evolution 6 offers Bus-Minus on all faders with Talkback, optional EQ/Dynamics on every channel with user recall for talent EQ settings, 100 presets, User login with privilege settings & split headphone feed. 

The E-6 meter bridge uses a standard VGA monitor, which also displays surface information such as: EQ/Dynamics, panning display and AUX buss settings. 

The E-6 is available in 4, 8 or 12, 16, 20 or 24 fader configurations. 

E-6 can be used in both On Air and Production studios.

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