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PSI Audio A25-3 Active Studio Monitor
The pinnacle of current PSI stereo system development, the A25-3 main / mid-field reference monitor features a staggering precision of +/- 1.5 dB tolerance between 50Hz and 20KHz. The tweeter unit is hand-crafted in-house in order to ensure performance and accuracy. These highly optimised features make the A25-3 unique. A true reference speaker for stereo and surround sound applications where ultimate precision is required. The powerful bi-amplified output features the unique "AOI" output stages, while the active crossover, with integrated "CPR", delivers unprecedented impulse behavior - with excellent stereo imaging.
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Violet - Global Preamp
Compact High-end Preamplifier Body (Capsule Heads sold separately)
Our Price: US$750.00

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Violet - VIN89 Mic Capsule
Cardioid, medium diaphragm capsule head. Similar sound to U89.
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Wheatstone Evolution 5 Control Surface
The Evolution 5 is the sister to the E-6. The E-5 carries less features keeping the control surface simple to use yet giving the operators the features needed for some of the most demanding shows.  4 mix output buses, 4 mix minus busses and individual fader bus minus with talkback are some of the standard features.

The E-5 meter bridge uses a standard VGA monitor, which also displays surface information such as: EQ/Dynamics, panning display and AUX buss settings. 

The E-5 is available in 4, 8 or 12, 16, 20 or 24 fader configurations.  E-5 can be used in both On Air and Production studios.
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Wheatstone Generation 5 Control Surface
The GENERATION 5 provides a straightforward operational surface with the benefits of digital technology and the graphics of digital display. 

This digital control surface includes all the features of the Generation 4 but now adds: LCD Meter Bridge displays, 100 surface event presets, 12 programmable buttons and built in system X-Y controller.

The G-5 is available in 4, 8 ,12, 16, 20, 24 or 28 fader configurations.  The Generation 5 makes a great on air control surface especially for talk formats.
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Wheatstone Generation 7 Control Surface
Wheatstone¡¦s latest GENERATION control surface offers you seamless integration to the Bridge Digital Audio Network. 

The GENERATION 7 offers all the features of the G-6 but has been updated to give your studio the ¡¡?¨®futuristic¡¨ look with the floating meter bridge. 

We¡¦ve also added an EQ and Dynamic¡¦s package for every input fader which can also be saved in the control surface presets.
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