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Violet - Amethyst - Standard
"The Amethyst Standard" has a dark amethyst red body and uses a single large-diaphragm center-terminated capsule to provide a modern, detailed sound with airy highs, medium vocal presence and accentuated low-end response. The internal phantom powered preamplifier is a fully discrete Class 'A' transformerless circuit which provides high output, flat audio response and ulta-low distortion and noise.
Our Price: US$1,085.00

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Violet - VIN44Mic Capsule
Figure 8, large diaphragm capsule head.
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Violet DSP-KIT-Black
Black Shockmount and Pop Filter for Dolly Microphones
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Wheatstone D-10 Television Console
The D-10 has ALL the controls needed right WHERE they¡¦re needed, complete with well-lit switches and encoder lightpipes for fast visual confirmation ¡X no complicated layering or function sharing to surprise your operators.

It¡¦s all instantly there: fader, primary bus assigns, bus-minus control, aux sends and channel gain.  Only secondary functions (like equalization and dynamics) are centralized. 

The D-10 has a well thought-out talkback system, eight subgroup mixes , as well as four DCMs (digitally controlled master/mute groups). 

Plus eight mix-minus buses with a full confidence feed system.  Subgroups, DCMs and Masters all have dedicated faders, so these functions are one step and error-free (no assignable faders utilized).
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Wheatstone Generation 8 Control Surface
The Generation 8 is the major market console that handles all the call-ins and remotes you'll encounter.

An optional four faders panel dedicated specifically to call-in segments provide error-free interface to four callers or remotes, each with independent caller feed, independent fader feed, user-selectable talkback communication and adjacent channel linking.

Like it¡¦s sister, the larger G-9, the G-8 has 12 user-programmable buttons, plus additional programmable TALKBACK buttons for IFB functions or studio-to-studio communications.
This control surface also offers you the Digital LCD Meter Bridge display package giving your talent all the information they need.
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Wheatstone Generation 9 Control Surface
The Generation 9 is our FLAGSHIP digital control surface.  This major market console can be used for On air and Production applications.

The G-9 offers a huge amount of Mix Minus that will tackle any remote and/or call in show possible. 

With 8 Mix Minus busses, optional Call-In panel and a Bus Minus for every fader all with talkback capabilities, we can assure you, you will never run out of mix minus needs.

The G-9 control surface comes standard with a parametric EQ and Dynamic package for every fader along with 100 control surface presets. 

The G-9 is a tabletop design, which does not require a hole in your mill work.
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