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PSI Audio A225-1 Active Sub-woofer
An exceptional piece of acoustic design, the A225-1 sub-woofer/bass extension is equally suited to use as a mono sub-woofer in a surround sound application or as a bass extension in a stereo system. Designed to work in harmony with the A225-1 Sub, all PSI Audio 'A' series speakers feature a frequency response roll-off function that, when combined with the A225-1 Sub, extends the frequency range down to an incredible 28 Hz, whilst maintaining a flat response. The two powerful class G output stages feature PSI Audio's unique "AOI" output, giving the A225-1 an unprecedented impulse behavior.
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Violet - Black Knight
Cardioid condenser large dual diaphragm microphone
Our Price: US$512.00

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Violet - Flamingo Jr - Vintage
"The Flamingo Junior Vintage" has a matte black body. Matched stereo or surround sets can be special ordered.
Our Price: US$960.00

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Violet DSP-KIT-Silver
Silver Shockmount and Pop Filter for Dolly Microphones
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Wheatstone D-5.2 Television Console

The D-5.2 is the ultimate in large market live televison production where comprehensive IFB capability is an absolute must. 

With 18 dedicated mix-minus buses with confidence feeds plus direct mix-minus (Bus Minus) feeds from every input channel, you will have the tools you need whether for election night or the largest sporting events. 

Systems can be configured from 12 to 128 input faders. 

Dedicated controls for the most critical functions give operators that added confidence during fast breaking news and sporting events.

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Wheatstone Generation 9 Control Surface
The Generation 9 is our FLAGSHIP digital control surface.  This major market console can be used for On air and Production applications.

The G-9 offers a huge amount of Mix Minus that will tackle any remote and/or call in show possible. 

With 8 Mix Minus busses, optional Call-In panel and a Bus Minus for every fader all with talkback capabilities, we can assure you, you will never run out of mix minus needs.

The G-9 control surface comes standard with a parametric EQ and Dynamic package for every fader along with 100 control surface presets. 

The G-9 is a tabletop design, which does not require a hole in your mill work.
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